Here is a list of current latest discount coupon codes and deals/rebate offers of various theme clubs :

Click the links to active the coupon, other it will not work.

Wait – so you can’t find a coupon code for the theme you are going to buy ? Don’t feel sad, we have a special offer for wordpress-templates visitors :

Premium Themes Rebate Offer – send us a mail via this form Contact Us with details on which theme you want to buy and how much discount cash back rebate you want.. We will look into it and reply you soon. Generally, we send the rebates cashback via paypal within 24-48 hours after purchase. 😎

For e.g.,  I can provide $25 cash back discount for Thesis Theme Developer version, $15 rebate for personal version. This is just an example, contact us if interested for similar deals on other themes too. 🙂