content management system cmsWho thought that wordpress would evolve from just a simple blogging platform to a full fledged content management system. Now with wordpress, you can create various types of niche sites including video tubes, membership site, photo gallery etc. – just like what drupal / joomla can do. It’s possible because of various premium paid themes which can transform your wordpress blog into a CMS ( content management system).

Tweak the layouts according to your choice, drag and drop sidebar widgets, footer bars, add 2/3 columns , change header/logo, create pages with different layout/templates – whatever you can think of. Such themes can help you make 1000s of layouts with a single theme.

We collected various CMS paid premium themes which could be beneficial for your site. Though we can’t compare/vs between each of them, but you can watch the features on the respective sites and look at their showcase/sample sites to get an idea on what all types of layouts you can create. Then decide which will work best for you. If you need help selection or discount/rebate offer on any of the below themes, content me. šŸ˜‰

Top 10 CMS wordpress themes 2015 are :

  1. Elegant themes
  2. Themeforest Themes
  3. My Theme Shop themes
  4. AppthemesĀ niche themes
  5. Themify me themes
  6. Organic themes
  7. Mojo Themes