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How Much Does A Website Cost?

You might be trying to start a website but you do not know how much it will cost. There are a number of factors that you should put into consideration before hiring a professional web designer. One basic issue is to know the level or type of your site. The level is the determinant of how complex the website will be factoring in content, design and brand among other things.

Here is a list of levels that are mobile friendly you can choose from based on your budget:

Simple business website

This is a simple website without e-commerce and marketing focus. It has the following characteristics:

• 4-6 pages

• Social media feeds and links

• Client provided logo, some photos, and text content

• E-mail newsletter signup

• Blog

• Calendar and a gallery

• The cost is approximately $ 10,000-$ 7,000.

Mid-size business website

This also has no marketing focus and e-commerce. It is an informational website with similar characteristics as the first option with a few additions. The extra features are a slide show and 10-20 pages allowance.

It will cost you $ 20,000-$ 11,000.

Simple e-commerce website

Has the following features for you:

• 4-5 pages

• Social media feeds and links

• Client provided text content, logo and product pictures and information

• 1-1000 shopping cart

• Slideshow, calendar and gallery

• Blog

• E-mail newsletter signup

• This costs $ 15,000-$ 8,000.

Mid-size e-commerce website

It includes all the mentioned features with options as well as subpages. Some of its additional characteristics are:

• 10-20 pages

• Shopping cart

• Dashboards for customer accounts

• Membership

• Multilanguage feature

• Private area

• Directories

• Configuration

The website cost is around $ 40,000-$ 16,000. However, please note that the website cost will increase depending on the extra features you wish to include in it.

For further details of website cost WilliCreative have written a series of posts, based on their experience of the web design industry and working for a variety of different clients.

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