clipperThere are lots of scripts or themes/templates out there for creating a very high income generating discount coupon codes sites. The 2 very popular softwares are couponpress vs clipper, and out of them, I like clipper more.
Clipper is a awesome looking, Premium Application Theme that turns your WordPress blog into a fully featured coupon codes site.

If you wish to know what the theme itself offers in terms of features, you can find all the relevant theme information on the Clipper theme page. Outside of the comparisons of the products themselves, the other company which offers couponpress is called Premiumpress, and you only need to view their forums, and presence on social media sites such as Facebook to see that AppThemes is a more established company with a larger customer base. This itself speaks for the quality of our products.

If there are specific questions you have about Clipper, please feel free to ask us via this site’s contact form and we can clarify these for you. Also, try one of these coupon codes for getting discount on appthemes themes including classipress, jobroller, quality control, vantage, ideas etc.

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